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Monday, 18 February 2013

Suggested Netiquettes

Hey guys,

Please leave your suggestions as comments below. The best three will be selected. Please post by Wed 2359. Thanks.


  1. 1) We should not reveal our personal informations online.
    2) We should control the amount of time we spend on our computers
    3) We should set strong passwords for all our online accounts.

  2. 1)I will not give away personal information online.
    2)I will exercise respect and responsibility online.
    3)I will use the internet for appropriate uses.

  3. 1) We will not use the internet to insult or hurt other people psychologically.
    2) We will be responsible and post stuff that does not reveal our own personal information eg, Address, NRIC no. ... etc.
    3) We will not misuse the internet by reading or searching for inappropriate content.

  4. 1)When we write messages, we must use polite language and not'shout' by using capital letters.
    2)We should not share our personal stuff on the internet.
    3)We should not bully others online.(For example, spreading bad rumours about the person)

  5. We should not give away our own personal information to sites or other platforms that are obscure.
    We should not 'friend' people who we do not know.
    We should use politely so as to not to offend others.

  6. We should not give away our personal info nor should we download stuff from unknown sources. We should also never start chats with strangers.

  7. We should not reveal any of our personal information to websites or strangers on the internet. We should not download anything and do not simply believe that a random website that you just happen to stumble upon is legitimate.

  8. We should not provide personal information that allows people to find us offline.
    We should not download things from untrusted sites.
    We should not add people we don't know

  9. 1) We should not reveal our passwords to anyone
    2) not to post vulgarities or anything hurtful online
    3) Be polite and practice social netiquette

  10. 1) We should not Cyber bully in the internet. ( eg. writing in capital letters to 'shout' or 'scold' the person
    2) We should not accept chain letters from the sender as it may cause troubles to the person we forward to.
    3) We should not reveal personal information (esp .Facebook) even to our closest friends
    4) We should not use internet search inappropriately

  11. WE should be responsible for what we do on internet
    do not do what you do not want others to do to you
    be polite

  12. We should not tell anyone our passwords.
    We should set strong passwords.
    We should not share personal information of the internet.


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