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Friday, 22 February 2013

English Level Test Revision

Hey guys!

Monday is the level test so I'd like to post this to help your. Those who think its "busybody", keep your comments for yourself.


1. Use first person narration (Write in the format of I, like I said this I did that)
2. Use Freytag's Pyramid to write your story (Exposition > Rising Action[Conflict/Complication] > Climax > Falling Action > Resolution/Coda)
3. Write events in chronological order
4. Use words like first, next, soon, during, after, later, eventually, finally, immediately, suddenly
5. Essay must have a purpose ( Don't write something like I struggled through my homework and handed it in on time. IT MAKES NO SENSE!!)
6. Include personal feelings and emotions (This shows your reflecting every time you pen down your story, you are actually impersonating that person and you can express your mind)
7. Include all five senses
8. Use descriptive language (adjectives and adverbs)
9. For introduction, include setting (Where and When [Don't be like Taiwan drama where they start in the middle of nowhere and the viewers have to take time to understand. To much confusion will give the marker a chance to penalise you])
10. For conclusion, demonstrate feelings, thoughts, decision and coda. ( I realise, I feel, I will [This shows you are summarising the story, understand your main point of the story, see how you feel to tell the marker and lastly sum up all of the 300+ words to see whether you actually know your own purpose of writing the essay])

1. 20% of reasonable and effective dialog. (The doctor told me:"Your mum is very ill now..."[Things that will obviously steer the story on the course, give a refresh for the marker, allow he/she to understand the points in your story and not use it on useless stuff that can be replaced by non-dialog phrases])
2. No contractions
3. No short forms (MRT, CCA[ I would just repeat the whole phrase over every time needed])
4. Present tense to be used when referring to timeless qualities
5. Past tense top be used when recounting past events (nearly the whole story)
6. Use connotations
7.Characterisaton of characters (He is.../They are... [Explain to the marker the characters personalities so that what comes forth will be understood like bad people do bad things and not good. Tells the difference and also shows your understanding and personal thought on why you had such a character to play an important role])
8.Do not leave lines within sentences but within paragraphs


I feel that this whole thing just sums up easily. Only remember a few pointers here and there, but keep in mind that there are some important things like your personal feelings, reactions, thoughts and decision. The main reason is because it is PERSONAL Recount. Its about you. Everything about you related to this topic. Maybe the question this time will me about your class, friend (I'm alright if you put me as German or Führer but if you get penalised that's you're problem) or teacher (THIS IS A GUESS!) and just need to show how you think. All on how your mind works. With a little more good phrases and words. All of you can do well. With confidence. Anyone stressed up, angry or jealous of anything just need to remember. They are illusions to blind you from victory. If they are permanent, how come you can feel it and how come you realise its there? (OK I'm really veering off) Just study hard to well and done.

Few pictures some may have seen before, but of your references

So everyone, study hard. I believe in all of you and you will not disgrace 107 (and maybe Deutschland and the Reichstag) :D

Pls I did this for about 45 mis? Anyway good luck people!!



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