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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Science Level Test Revision

Hey guys,

Tuesday is the Science Level Test and I'm posting this to help those who need help in Science.

Revision Topics
1. Cells
2. Nutrition& Digestion
3. Transport in Humans
4. Reproduction in Humans

Areas to be covered
> Name and parts of the cell
> Functions of each organelle
>  Differences in cells
> Parts of a microscope
> Function of parts of a microscope
> How to operate a microscope
> Correct the usage of microscopes (XXX was not able to see the cell clear enough. Why is that so?)
> Drawing and labelling of a cell
> Construction Sequence (Cell > Tissue > Organ > System > Organism)
> Kinds of cells, tissues, organs, systems

Areas to be covered
> Types of nutrients
> Function and use of nutrient
> Where each nutrient is obtained from
> How each nutrient is broken into simple substances
> Tests to identify presence of nutrients
> Name of tests
> Substances used and steps for individual test
> Correct the steps of test (XXX used Benedict's solution but was not able to tell if starch is present in a potato. Why is this so?)
> Meanings of various results of respective tests
> Physical and Chemical Breakdown
> Names of different enzymes secreted and organs involved

Areas to be covered
> Diffusion and Osmosis
> Blood composition
> Red blood cells and white blood cells
> Different blood vessels for various uses
> Partially permeable membranes in Osmosis
> Diffusion in the blood
> Blood flow, sequence and patterns

Areas to be covered
> Parts of reproductive system
> Uses of each organ
> Process of sex cell diffusion
> Mechanical methods to prevent pregnancy
> Steps happen during pregnancy
> Different methods of mechanical presentation of pregnancy

Ok I hope this will help you guys in revision
I Believe in you 07. Your can make it!!


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