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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Today's homework:MAth test paper,(math poster and approximation hw)Math blog
                               Chinese newspaper report
                                Compo must be typed today
                                 Monday bring all the screen shots for el file
                                ADMT mood board and one point perspective drawing.those that have not              
                                  turn in previous hw must hand in by today


  1. The sci wksht hand in next mon right (just to make sure)

  2. so if u dun need to edit then no need rite? for the compo.
    @nimalan wksht jus read. anyway need further instructions from ms lim tmrw for hw

  3. when must we hand up chinese newspaper report?

  4. and do we need to do anything in the green math notes booklet?

  5. Do those approximation and estimation questions if I am not wrong.

  6. maths test paper? when is pg 33 to 39 due?


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