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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Decoration money

I know this is a very late post but still hope you get the message :)

A gentle reminder that no one except for a few have handed me the money if you do not pay until next Thursday, as Ms Yap said your payment will double so you will have to pay $2.60 instead of $1.30.

HW for Bryan

According to Jer En's post, we need to do a gimp drawing. Can someone tell me what it is about? And thanks to Kevin for carrying my bag down.
Today's homework

Math ws 4a
ADMT gimp name drawing
 Revise for MT
I&e blog question on reality

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

also remember to check the google site for what to bring for exam

Today's hmwk

Today's hmwk if I am not wrong it is to only comment some questions in the maths blog and ADMT 20 logos. Those who had never shared the logo design journal pls refer to edmodo.

All the best for IH level test tmrw. First time taking IH test so be familiarised with pei ling's notes and google sites we downloaded
Hi guys tomorrow is IH exam. However, I do not know why the answer for 3 on page 16 is C instead of D. I hope people would comment on this.pls.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

PL's Notes (Pt. 2)


For those who wanted to refer to my IH notes~
My IH Notes

Note: These notes that I put up, some will be constantly updated as the chapter goes on~

Unfortunately I can't share my Math notes :x Privacy issue because I share this with a friend. I'm so sorry for those who wanted it (Iguessnoonebutincase:3)

I can give tips for Math though. Just ensure you write down EVERY SINGLE THING you thought of (about the question) and you'll get the working points. You guys can also complete the Shinglee Math WB. Not the whole bk but only the last few question in Advanced Level of the 2 topics(:

For those who haven't really got bearings for Math yet, you can do one question each of each level.

This is really late but here goes nothing. (Beep ended late and I was slacking)

For TL/HTL pupils

All HTL/TL pupils pls write a page of dhoni movie film of what you learnt(not the summary) And pls complete the letter writing by tmrw.

p.s: All the best to everyone for the maths level test
Remember to do ADMT logo

Maths Level Test Revision

Hey guys,

I posting this to help in the Maths Revision for some guys

> Prime numbers
> Prime factorisation
> Square, square root
> Cube, cube root

> Negative numbers
> Four operations (including negative numbers)
> Arithmetic Laws (Communicative, Associative and Distributive)
> Rational numbers

Anyone who has problems can approach Ms Loh. She will be free after school till around 3.30pm usually. Just call her extension. GOOD LUCK PEOPLE!!
ALL chinese students remember to write paragraph on weather starting
Also remember that tommorow is math exam

Reminder for people who have not filed

For those who have not completed their filing, please do so by tomorrow.

Monday, 25 February 2013

TL/HTL hmwk- This is only for TL pupils only

Are we supposed to bring TL newspaper for reading tomorrow for TL lesson

My Science Notes

Um Hai people. In case some of you wanted my notes for science and hopefully all of you guys see this , link is below:


Nutrition and Digestion:

I will try to get the how to answer questions one up and you guys want the IH one? If its of any help then I can post >< Avoid spamming everyone


Follow-up: I AM SO SORRY I CAN'T POST MY IH NOTES UP TODAY. I'm not feeling well and I'm tired after dance to review notes and stuff. I'm so sorry once again.
today's homework ADMT 20 logos
                          Revise for Sci paper
                          Remember to see your track and field stuff


Please where is the hw?

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Check Edmodo

Hi guys and gals,
Please check your Edmodo page. Miss Wong want us to download something.


Level test

what do we need to bring for the level test?

A note(:

Hello people:D

First I would like to wish all of you guys good luck for the level test and please DONT DONT DONT SLACK. :3

Then, please go and check your mail for a notification by Miss Wong. We need to download an application.

Lastly, if you guys need help or anything on the subjects and areas to be tested, i believe some of our classmates who are good in certain subjects will be willing to help us. If you guys want my notes, I can post the link up because it's in google drive. (Depends on how many people want)

In addition to all the revision posts kindly posted by Colin, please be mindful of the Science. You only need to revise Cells and Nutrition&Digestion. Be familiar of the scientific terms and phrases. You should also take a look at your answers so that you will know how to phrase them.
English - Essay (Personal Recount)
Math - Topics Primes, HCF, LCM, Real Numbers
IH - Intro to IH, Sources of History, Reconstructing History (Be familiar with the flowchart), Intro to Mapping and Counting Time. (Remember millenium isn't one million years!!!!)
MT (HCL) - 作文。复习好词好句。
Sorry to the other pupils who are not taking HCL. I don't know what you guys are tested, but good luck!

And once again, (I feel so naggy)

All the best!

All the best to everyone for the level test and prepare well.

Science Level Test Revision

Hey guys,

Tuesday is the Science Level Test and I'm posting this to help those who need help in Science.

Revision Topics
1. Cells
2. Nutrition& Digestion
3. Transport in Humans
4. Reproduction in Humans

Areas to be covered
> Name and parts of the cell
> Functions of each organelle
>  Differences in cells
> Parts of a microscope
> Function of parts of a microscope
> How to operate a microscope
> Correct the usage of microscopes (XXX was not able to see the cell clear enough. Why is that so?)
> Drawing and labelling of a cell
> Construction Sequence (Cell > Tissue > Organ > System > Organism)
> Kinds of cells, tissues, organs, systems

Areas to be covered
> Types of nutrients
> Function and use of nutrient
> Where each nutrient is obtained from
> How each nutrient is broken into simple substances
> Tests to identify presence of nutrients
> Name of tests
> Substances used and steps for individual test
> Correct the steps of test (XXX used Benedict's solution but was not able to tell if starch is present in a potato. Why is this so?)
> Meanings of various results of respective tests
> Physical and Chemical Breakdown
> Names of different enzymes secreted and organs involved

Areas to be covered
> Diffusion and Osmosis
> Blood composition
> Red blood cells and white blood cells
> Different blood vessels for various uses
> Partially permeable membranes in Osmosis
> Diffusion in the blood
> Blood flow, sequence and patterns

Areas to be covered
> Parts of reproductive system
> Uses of each organ
> Process of sex cell diffusion
> Mechanical methods to prevent pregnancy
> Steps happen during pregnancy
> Different methods of mechanical presentation of pregnancy

Ok I hope this will help you guys in revision
I Believe in you 07. Your can make it!!

Friday, 22 February 2013

English Level Test Revision

Hey guys!

Monday is the level test so I'd like to post this to help your. Those who think its "busybody", keep your comments for yourself.


1. Use first person narration (Write in the format of I, like I said this I did that)
2. Use Freytag's Pyramid to write your story (Exposition > Rising Action[Conflict/Complication] > Climax > Falling Action > Resolution/Coda)
3. Write events in chronological order
4. Use words like first, next, soon, during, after, later, eventually, finally, immediately, suddenly
5. Essay must have a purpose ( Don't write something like I struggled through my homework and handed it in on time. IT MAKES NO SENSE!!)
6. Include personal feelings and emotions (This shows your reflecting every time you pen down your story, you are actually impersonating that person and you can express your mind)
7. Include all five senses
8. Use descriptive language (adjectives and adverbs)
9. For introduction, include setting (Where and When [Don't be like Taiwan drama where they start in the middle of nowhere and the viewers have to take time to understand. To much confusion will give the marker a chance to penalise you])
10. For conclusion, demonstrate feelings, thoughts, decision and coda. ( I realise, I feel, I will [This shows you are summarising the story, understand your main point of the story, see how you feel to tell the marker and lastly sum up all of the 300+ words to see whether you actually know your own purpose of writing the essay])

1. 20% of reasonable and effective dialog. (The doctor told me:"Your mum is very ill now..."[Things that will obviously steer the story on the course, give a refresh for the marker, allow he/she to understand the points in your story and not use it on useless stuff that can be replaced by non-dialog phrases])
2. No contractions
3. No short forms (MRT, CCA[ I would just repeat the whole phrase over every time needed])
4. Present tense to be used when referring to timeless qualities
5. Past tense top be used when recounting past events (nearly the whole story)
6. Use connotations
7.Characterisaton of characters (He is.../They are... [Explain to the marker the characters personalities so that what comes forth will be understood like bad people do bad things and not good. Tells the difference and also shows your understanding and personal thought on why you had such a character to play an important role])
8.Do not leave lines within sentences but within paragraphs


I feel that this whole thing just sums up easily. Only remember a few pointers here and there, but keep in mind that there are some important things like your personal feelings, reactions, thoughts and decision. The main reason is because it is PERSONAL Recount. Its about you. Everything about you related to this topic. Maybe the question this time will me about your class, friend (I'm alright if you put me as German or Führer but if you get penalised that's you're problem) or teacher (THIS IS A GUESS!) and just need to show how you think. All on how your mind works. With a little more good phrases and words. All of you can do well. With confidence. Anyone stressed up, angry or jealous of anything just need to remember. They are illusions to blind you from victory. If they are permanent, how come you can feel it and how come you realise its there? (OK I'm really veering off) Just study hard to well and done.

Few pictures some may have seen before, but of your references

So everyone, study hard. I believe in all of you and you will not disgrace 107 (and maybe Deutschland and the Reichstag) :D

Pls I did this for about 45 mis? Anyway good luck people!!


Ez-link Card

Guys the new card has no value so now maybe u all just use your old ones first

Ez-Link Card

Guys, the new ez-link card has no money in it. Please use the old one.
this weekend's homework:
S&W questions
Math WS3a,b,c
MathRevision WS
ADMT one point perspective
20 logo designs

For Chinese students:
Textbook pg 38
Practice words

****Exams starts next week!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

[IMP: Please Read] For your action

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

This is a reminder to ask your parents to sign up for the upcoming breakfast meeting with the principal at the following link:

You can also advise them to look for an email about this from Ms Yap.


Miss Esha
today's homework:Math WS 3a,bc
                              ADMT one point perspective and 20 logo
                              Practice words for chinese

Homework for Sandeep

What is the homework for me?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Today's Homework:
Sci quiz
ADMT one point perspective
Sketch of logo
Chinese practice words

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Today's homework : Math :yesterday's homework Sci WS IH timeline EL personal recount final draft Chinese newspaper report (for those who have not done) I&E power point

Monday, 18 February 2013

Today's homework :Science ws Math pg 40-43 Math WS 2e Tidy up poster IH WB pg 16-17 Chinese newspaper report

HELLO? What's the HW?

Please give the homework as soon as possible and please do NOT leave anything out, as far as possible.

Suggested Netiquettes

Hey guys,

Please leave your suggestions as comments below. The best three will be selected. Please post by Wed 2359. Thanks.

20130218 (I) Character Education & Digital Citizenship Programme

What it means to be Digital Citizens? 

Activity 1A (LD down)
Watch the following video and post your responses as comment to the questions that follows


Should you encounter any difficulty accessing the above site click the following alternative sites:  Power of the internet

Activity 1B - It's your turn

Reflection Questions 1 (Post as comments)

  • What does it mean to be a digital citizens or netizens
  • Do values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space? Why?

20130218 (II) Character Education & Digital Citizenship Programme

The imminent dangers faced by Digital Citizens in Cyber Space

Activity 2A
Watch the following video and post your responses as comment to the questions that follows:

Did You Know?: Dangers on the Web

Activity 2B

Reflection Questions (Post as comments)

  • Identify a few imminent dangers faced by netizens identified in the video.
  • Have you or someone you know been victims of such cyber dangers? If yes what is the nature of the cyber dangers.
  • What are some of the possible preventive measures that netizens could take against such possible dangers?

20130218 (III) Character Education & Digital Citizenship Programme


Activity 3

Click on the following link for examples on Netiquette 

Master the Basics: Netiquette: QUIZ 

Activity 4 (individual work) 

20130218 (IV) Character Education & Digital Citizenship Programme

Class Pledge

Activity 5 (Class work)

As a class, students will propose at least 3 netiquettes to be observed by class and post in Class Blog.

They have to include
(a) the reasons/rationales for this and
(b) the possible consequences of non compliance to the netiquettes proposed sample.

Prizes will be given to the best entries.

On-line Final Survey

Activity 6 (individual work) 

Friday, 15 February 2013

Weekend HW:English print all the screen shots for EL file 
                       Math notebook pg33 to 39
                       I and E project(next thursday)
                       ADMT one point perspective drawing
                       Math poster on approximation
 For Chinese student:News paper report

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Those who have not done their S&W Reflections: Go and Do

Today's homework:MAth test paper,(math poster and approximation hw)Math blog
                               Chinese newspaper report
                                Compo must be typed today
                                 Monday bring all the screen shots for el file
                                ADMT mood board and one point perspective drawing.those that have not              
                                  turn in previous hw must hand in by today

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Newspaper Report (For Chinese Students)

Where must we write our Chinese Newspaper Report?
Please tell me ASAP
-Bryan Chang
Today's homework:ADMT one point perspective
                                Sci read read the experiment
                                 Math:do correction ,study for level test
                                 Chinese:newspaper report(next Tue.)and prestudy

one piece of hw

do 预习(pg30&32)from cl textbook

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


People please scroll down and go to the older posts for S&W until you find the question created by Ms Lim and the reflection made by Seraphina.please do them immediately.Another important note for the House Reps,Discussion on who is supposed to put the reflection for each S&W lessons tomorrow.On a further note, even though there are kind people who are willing to put the reflections,the house reps are the ones who are supposed to post them.
Hello, May I know who did not hand in your Chinese worksheet on Friday? The one for 自渎. If you haven't, please take a photo and send me an email ( please, I need it quite urgently. Thanks
everyone can go to acelearning to practice your math for level test

EL Compo

What is the minimum number of words for the EL Compo?

Friday, 8 February 2013

ADMT video question

How long must the the Logo Design video for ADMT be?
Please tell me in the comments.
-Bryan Chang
The homework for today
:ADMT one point perspective,the rest refer to edmodo
Math test paper(15 Feb)and HWK2d(13feb)
EL compo
Chinese Compo
CHinese new year expectations on PBworks
 Remember that Show and tell is next week

Happy Chinese New Year Eve Eve! But What's the Homework?

I know there's Compo on google docs, ADMT work and chinese compo for chinese students
But is there anything else? Please reply in comments. Cheers!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Guys, these are the answers for the level test 1. Sorry if it is too small in size but do not worry. Anytime, you can go to the SST site and in the Maths, go to the assessment matters and you will get the answer in a zoomed in version.
TOdays homework:ADMT:refer to Edmodo +one perspective drawing
                            MathWS(13Feb)Test paper(15feb)
                           English Toon do
                             IH complete all previous Homework (only for those who have not done so)
                         *****Chinese selfstudy WS Must pass up by tomorrow!!!!!!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

May I know if we have IH / MT tmr?

CL hw

when do we need to hand up our chinese hw? exact dates pls

Homework for today:Math Revision
                               Exam Prep Bklt p1-8,p61-74
ADMT:refer to edmodo
english 5 senses
Science WS
For chinese Students:News paper report(Thur),selfstudy WS(Fri) and compo (next Wed)


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Todays homework:
IH maps page 8 and9
English WS
For chinese students
Chinese WS

Monday, 4 February 2013

Friday, 1 February 2013

Anybody knows how many words 习字  need to write?

Homework (for the slow er jen)

ADMT moodboard
Square 1 point
Math 22-25

homework for weekend:
1.Math pg22 to 25  and pg 31
2.ADMT refer to edmodo
for Chinese pupils
Practice words for lesson2
Finish practice 1

Remember to complete dental form
Also upload numbers :Recurring decimals