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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

PL's Notes (Pt. 2)


For those who wanted to refer to my IH notes~
My IH Notes

Note: These notes that I put up, some will be constantly updated as the chapter goes on~

Unfortunately I can't share my Math notes :x Privacy issue because I share this with a friend. I'm so sorry for those who wanted it (Iguessnoonebutincase:3)

I can give tips for Math though. Just ensure you write down EVERY SINGLE THING you thought of (about the question) and you'll get the working points. You guys can also complete the Shinglee Math WB. Not the whole bk but only the last few question in Advanced Level of the 2 topics(:

For those who haven't really got bearings for Math yet, you can do one question each of each level.

This is really late but here goes nothing. (Beep ended late and I was slacking)


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