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Monday, 21 January 2013

Making a friend in SST: Purpose- to have someone to talk to Audience-A friend Context: I went to the hall for assembly and I made a friend Dialogue: Hi I'm Sandeep Nice to meet you Disagreeing with a teacher: Purpose: To show that you don't approve of something Audience: the teacher Context: I was asking teacher not to change our current seats. Dialogue: Miss Esha, I don't think we should change our seats because... Asking a stranger for directions: Purpose:To ask for directions Audience:The stranger Context: I was on the road when I saw the stranger and I asked him for directions. Dialogue:Um excuse me, Could you tell me the directions to the....... Praising someone's work: Purpose: To praise and encourage someone Audience: the person whom you are praising Context:I saw someone's drawing on planes and I praised his work. Dialogue:Wow, what a very good drawing....

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