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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Discussion: Classroom Decoration

Hello people,

So this is a post for discussion on the decoration for the class.

So far, the girls have been assigned the role as to design the classroom's interior while the guys are supposed to source for the necessary recycled items. As of 4:11pm, right now, the girls and I are doing up the classroom design already. The design should be done soon. (IDK when is soon) Then, we will list down the stuff we need and if we can, we will post the pictures we draw, and give you guys a rough idea of what we are doing.

The contributions we need to give Bhakti the money we need for the Class Fund which would go to buying the decorations and materials. However, I'm not sure if we need to buy anything though. We are trying to use ONLY recycled materials for our design. Further info will be provided when we confirm our designs.

Any doubts please ask in the comments below~!


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