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Friday, 18 January 2013

Class Rules Ideas

Dear classmates,
Please give us ideas on the class rules by commenting on this post
Everyone should give their ideas by Saturday11.59 so that Colin and Pei Ling can have Sunday to compile all your ideas
Yours Sincerely,
Jer En, Colin and Pei Ling


  1. colin and peiling...

  2. well class lets just ignore whoever posted that and carry on. i don think colin and peiling is the matter but i think its the rules that are more important.

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  3. Well, the first person who commented should actually focus on what's most important. And not on trival matters like Colin and Pei Ling's personal lives. They are the 'leaders' of the class, and they'll lead the class, and that, is not surprising.

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  4. Responsibility:
    -Be responsible of your own actions
    We must co-operate and communicate during group projects instead of complaining.
    When greeting the teacher in class, greet with intonation.Do not drag the 'Good morning.....'
    Reflection: If you have done the right things and the wrong things, we must reflect after any incident so that we can learn from our mistakes and keep on doing the right thing.

  5. - We should always hand up homework on time, so that we are always on task, and the teacher need not chase after us for it. (Responsibility)
    - Whenever someone is talking or presenting, we should give our undivided attention to them. (Respect)
    - We must have team spirit and work together as a class to do things, that way, we have a higher chance of achieving awards and stuff like that. [The decorating competition is one example we have to work together] (Relationship)
    - Whatever we do, at the end of the day, we must always reflect so that we can improve ourselves to be a better person.

  6. Responsibility: Hand in our homework on time so that we are not behind time.
    Respect; When someone is presenting, we should pay them our full attention instead of doing other stuff.
    Relationship: We should cooperate with one other and display teamwork.
    Reflection: At the end of the day, we should reflect on what we have done whether it is good or bad so that the next time we know what we should do and what we should not.

  7. RELATIONSHIP: Can't we just co-operate as a class at the very least? Be a good classmate.
    RESPONSIBILITY: Be responsible for your own actions!
    REFECTION: After getting the response from a certain action you have done, reflect and think about whether it is good to continue or whether it should be corrected.

  8. Responsibility: Hand in assignments on time and the roles you are assigned
    Respect: Greet any teacher or staff that walks into the classroom
    Relationship: Have a class sprit and work together
    Reflect: Learn from mistakes after school or everyday

  9. Responsibility: Hand in work on time and do the work properly.
    Respect : Respect your peers, Seniors and greet any adult you see.
    Relationship: Always work together when needed and do not be a lone wolf.

  10. -We should hand up our work n time.
    -Listen to the person speaking to the class, be it the teacher or student.
    -Not be gender-biased
    -Do not hurt anyone intentionally.
    -Be united as a class.
    -Respect others.
    Is it really necessary for reflections?

    1. RESPECT: We should all learn to respect other people's feelings and culture.
      RELATIONSHIP: We should all maintain a good relationship with our friends and our teachers
      RESPONSIBILITY: We should take our own responsibility in handing our assignments and tasks given by our teachers on time and to never trouble them just because of it.

    2. yes. reflection is the best way to learn character and also reflection allows self learning to help us be bttr ppl.

  11. Responsibility: Hand in your work on time. when in doubt, ask classmates or teachers and not wait for them to ask, etc
    Respect: not drag the good morning when greeting, greet staff when we see them arnd sch
    Relationship: be united as a class, respect classmates and teachers
    Reflection: honestly, i dont see a need for this as a rule. self reflection shld be a daily thing and its SELF reflection to help us be better people. thats all
    *my thoughts*

  12. Hello to everyone who submitted their views and opinions on the Code of Conduct (Class Rules).

    Thank you for your participation in this.. But I hope to see everyone's answers in next time when we have some sort of a discussion like this. I really appreciate the comments submitted and together with Colin and Jer En, we will compile and conclude the Code of Conduct for our class(:

    See you guys on Monday~!

    1. Oh yeah. If you guys have any more things to add in or comment and whatnot, feel free to drop me an email at:

      NOTE: This email is not for spamming. Thank you.


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