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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Revision~~ (Part 1)


Okay so I'm once again putting links up for notes for you guys to revise

Don't judge them though. They're hand-typed out by me and I'm the incoherent one so.

Okay nevermind. Anything that you're unsure of, just ask your friends or check with a teacher! (This is absolutely important)

Some of them aren't completed yet. Sorry I'm so slow. I just procrastinate too much still. I also have some books up for borrowing/reference cause I'm done with them already.

English (Freytag's Pyramid):

For English, I have an English guidebook with me for practice.

Math: I have an Algebra book for Lower Secondary. Some of you might have it too. For revision I suggest you guys to use the Exam Prep. Booklet~ Answers are already up on GoogleSite

Science: Yes this one I have a lot of notes. I have a Topical Test book with me too

Chinese: I have a Chapter by Chapter assessment book~

IH: This one just read the files that we downloaded again and again. If you think you're missing some files, you can either get your friends or me to airdrop you theirs. Also, slideshow on Source-Based Assessments: (Credits to CN :D)
My notes --


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