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Friday, 8 March 2013

ICT Checking (2)


I have checked your CNY posters yesterday and found that you guys didn't put your title as what was expected from Mr Chua. Just a recap of your title, register number_name_homework name (i.e CNY, Keynote).

Please go and check your file names because I am not going to count them in as submitted unless it is according to the format above. I remember that there are 3 people whose file names were only CNY poster. For this renaming, if you forget to do it today, please inform me. I will push the deadline till Monday, 5pm.

Pei Ling~

EDIT: The deadline is postponed to Monday, 5pm. If I do not see your files by then, good luck(:


  1. hi pei ling can u pls postponed the deadline as checked the class blog late:D srr

  2. Can you postpone the deadline for me? I already submitted but I need to check if I had named it correctly again. I can't check it from home as have some weird problem thing. Thanks.

  3. What are we supposed to do for the keynotes thingy?

  4. can you also extend the deadline by a day just for me to check the naming because I have problems connecting to the school's server @ home


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